What we do

From initial design to start-up.

Our company has the capacity to carry out comprehensive projects and control all project stages.

Design and planning

The engineering team in the technical office handles project development. Their main task includes drawing up plans and technical documents as well as coordinating all stages of the process, collaborating with other departments and making sure that the engineering solutions are implemented effectively.


The machining workshop is essential to turn design concepts into reality. By using various machining tools, the workshop manufactures pieces to guarantee their compliance with the technical requirements set out by the design.


The assembly department coordinates the construction and start-up of the equipment. This process involves different stages such as parts verification, mechanical adjustment and assembly of all components.


The automation team is tasked with programming the machines using technologies such as PLCs, industrial PCs, robots and machine vision systems. Through these advanced technologies, the instructions and sequences essential for automation are defined.

Technical Support

Our professional team will be available to solve any issues associated with the work equipment’s operation.